Saturday, December 29, 2007

Certified Blogger

Another blog another headache. I don't know if i still can manage using 4 or 5 different blogs but i am trying to do my best to keep them updated. I like to write. In fact i got so many post in my first blog. I had like 3 or 4 post everyday. So, i was thinking i will make more blogs cause i know i be able to handle it. I hope so.

Well, after this one i was thinking to make another one again cause i have this funny little thing in my mind. I have a good tittle for it and etc.

This blog is a personal type again just like the rest of my blogs. I am too chatty sometimes that i want to speak my mind out even in a little space on a web. I have nothing to do besides taking care of my baby. I can't go out for shopping myself cause i don't drive and i don't like going outside neither or like going to places with friends. I used to go around places but since i learned blogging i hardly can't go outside cause i don't want to and its better for me to stay at home writing entries for my blogs either paid post or not. At least i make a little bit of money.

Everybody is welcome here! Comments and suggestions are most appreciated. Leave a message in my tagboard so that i can visit you back. Thank you for your time and interest on viewing this new blog.