Wednesday, January 9, 2008

All Blogging and Reviews

I got a chance to make a little progress here now. I think its not good when successive paid post are only seen in this blog. This is supposed to be my personal yada-yada besides the convincing product reviews. Since i have this little drama circling on my mind right now why not blow it out and get over. You all might consider this post as relevant but hard to say no. At least i warn you. So here it goes!

Somewhat happy today that i got approval at smorty again for my other 3rd blog. I am happy at the same time felt shaky when i saw 5 opportunities to grab. I was kind of hesitant which task should i snag first since i knew that task in the smorty opportunities section are taken quickly. This was happen to me the other day while i was doing my first grabbed, the other task that i'm planning to grab next was gone after i refresh it. "Oh well, bye-bye!" said to myself.

I heard somebody that the opp i missed the other day went back in tasks section but sadly i didn't get to see it coz i am not eligible to take for it. My score was too low. I had like 8 of pending post that needs to be approved. Anyway, speaking of score i have noticed that it goes down itself even if i didn't grab task. Likewise, it went up a little bit sometimes. I really don't know whats the reason behind it. I guess I have to contact them and ask? What do you think? (kuti gjud!) It don't matter to me anyway. As long as my score is 200 and up, i still consider it as good. *sweet* It would be paid off when all of my entries are approve. I hope so! Hopefully no complications, no denials, no hassles whatsoever. I have tried my best vibes to give a fully instant reviews even i don't get to used of such things.

Time for me to go to bed. See yah all in the morning!