Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I don't get a chance to snag any of opps today. My friends says there were plenty of them came out with high payouts but i say it was only for higher pr. Sadly i never had a pr so i can't do nothing. Its hard, sometimes i think life is too unfair but thats how it goes. Sometimes, i am lucky and most of the times i am unlucky. hahah!j/k Well, i spent two days thinking on why and how it was happened and today i finally realized thats how life is. Hubby told me today that i am lucky enough to come over here in the US whereas most people in the Philippines are wanted to come over here. Secondly, i'm lucky to have a pretty baby..hahah!! Why should i keep saying that stupid "UnLUCKY" ? If things doesn't colaborate for what i wanted to be i desperately considered myself as unlucky but when it does happen i never even thought-about it. He had a point. He made me realized i was not really in a bad shape. Maybe its not my time yet and needs to be more patience.

So much for stupidity!.

I was waiting for the payment today and doubtless i got it. Its another extra for me. I'm glad i'd be able to send a little for my family back home with my own money from blogs. And yes, its a big help for them. The little money that i send can help them to start a little business. Its another reason why i felt relieved. Somehow i'm comfortable and thankful enough for my blessings. I am happy! I am thinking to quit coz i already got what i want. Its like this is it, finally happened!.. I don't ask for anymore. I dont need opps anymore. I don't care whether i don't have none to write! Funny isnt it? Thats how i felt today, i don't know if tomorrow will still be the same. All i know now is that i am halfway convinced to go on in case for future need.