Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm busy!

I am so busy today doing my rounds xchanging links catching up for alexa and backlinks. I think done a pretty good job. Although sometimes it upsets me when i know i have done my best to be in good shape but still it don't come out good for me.

After doing my rounds to some people that i knew here in blogging i went to different shopping onlines and checking what's on sale. heheh! It would be good for me to bought a little nice for myself and hubby as our 2nd anniversary this coming 28th. So far i haven't got it yet cause the store that i go through did not accept payments from paypal i think? I'm not for sure. I will figure it out later. I was thinking to get stuff and pay it from our bank account but i'm afraid if hubby know's what is it. I just wanted to make it a surprise for him since he is not aware of our aniv yet. He probably forgot

So much for talking today, gotta go now!