Thursday, January 10, 2008

Survey About Me

Got this tag from mariajustine.. Ty for tagging me on this sis.

1. Happiest moment?
- giving birth of my baby Alyssa

2. Saddest moment?
- i left Philippines

3. The most memorable moment?
- getting on the plane going US by myself

4. The most unforgettable moment?
- when i got here in the US

5. Things that you've learned last year?
- think a hundred times before you do something stupid...
-sometimes we need to listen and shut our mouth off...

6. Weirdest thing?
- i don't know

7. The most unforgettable things you saw?
- Snow!!!!

8. The fact that you had finally accepted/agreed
- You can't get everything you want...

9. Best
- new years in Phils.

10. People who plays an extremely important role in your life so far?
- My Little girl alyssa
- Husband
- My family back home
-My Friends

11. Things that you hope to achieve in 2008?
-get some income out from blogging

12. 5 Things that you sincerely hope that will be a reality in 2008?
- update later

13. Tag 5 persons
- my revelation