Monday, April 28, 2008

Got 4-Wheeler

Hubby finally get one of our 4wheeler that left from the house that we were live in before. After 5 months of staying here in our new place hubby has just got a chance to get his favorite 4 wheeler. We still had 3 left in there but he opted to get these one first for some reasons that he will going to used it as a garbage hauler. As part of his tune up, him and Ayssa are riding for a while back and fort at the parking lot. They can't go outside since its not permitted to ride a 4wheeler in the area where were at. Basically, thats the reason why he never encourage himself to bring the 4-wheelers right away. I just don't know where we can go for a ride this summer if we decided too. I don't think there is a trails here or might end up going back to the trails close to our house we where live in before.