Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I want to eat!!!!

Nothing much going on here except feeling so terribly bad and wanting to eat fried chicken. Since we ain't got no fried chicken here at home i was so upset with hubby because he didn't get me any in the store. Stubborn..Spoiled brat but that's how i felt this time. I WANT TO EAT FRIED CHICKEN but if i don't well, screw you all..i don't care. Who wouldn't get angry when you are suffering from hunger without eating for past 28 hours? Yep, i didn't eat yesterday because i wasn't feel like i want to.

We went to store early today and i was hoping i can get me something to eat but sadly i don't, that's why i got disappointed. I was just staying in the vehicle since i just wear pajama, i sent hubby at the store to buy groceries and let him go back second time for my chicken. He thought i want chicken to cook. How in the world i want uncooked chicken since i already got pork to cook? I can't send him back to store since he already went up there two times. Got no luck for today, so unlucky that lead me to a miserable feeling. I hate to be like this but i hate feeling hungry. I don't want to cook or eat something that i don't like right now..All i want is fried chicken..

Don't know what to do...just being bitchy though...