Friday, May 9, 2008

Long Day

Its been so long i haven't make an update here. Its just i was too busy with my other blogs, grabbing opps, going outside with family, shopping etc. I never got no chance to make an update here since this blog is not member of any afilliate programs. Needless to say if this blog is for money, i am forced to make a personal post here somehow often.

Anyway, we had such a pretty long day today. Hubby, ALyssa and I went to the school to pick up kids and then after that we meet my other friend and her family at the restaurant to eat together. Been such a long time we haven't seen them. We used to be a neighboor and a good buddies too before when were not move here in our place. We had some chikka's and stuff but opps, since we were at the place i never forgot to bring my laptop and checking my account in ppp if there is something for me waiting. unfortunately, i haven't seen none since i only log in for just a seconds. We had so much fun. SO happy to see the kids growing, so happy to hear some good news too. Wish to see them again in other get together, parties, occasions sometimes.