Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lobo Episode

LOBO is one of the spectacular tv series that ABS-CBN had. Not to mention i have been watching the show from the beggining till now. And now, LOBO is going to end up soon so, its story is more exciting. As a die hard fan of that tv series, i am browsing more facts about LOBO then i stumbled upon abs-cbn LOBO blog which talking about each episodes. Below is the copy from

Noah is willing to do anything for Lyka, he was able to forgive Nessa. Lyka went to Anton’s lab to check him out, she noticed that something’s wrong with Anton. Anton promised to Lyka that he would never hurt Noah again but he later went on to fulfill his revenge with the Lunas, making Choy as his first victim. Noah made a romantic proposal to Lyka and asked her to marry him. Noah made an oath to make Lyka happy for the rest their lives and will never ever hurt her again.