Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog about things i love

It's been almost a year now since i started blogging and the desire of updating my blogs is by far than it used to. Clearly, i started out blogging with 6 different blogs. I update them very often and now, i sadly abandoned two of them.

I love blogging. I like to write the stuff going on my mind but sometimes i feel tired with it. Sometimes, i think of quiting but blogging have done so much for me. Now i was able to shop very often because of the money that i made. I also able to send some amount for my family back home because of my blogs. Now that i feel little tired of it, i'm kind of worried where this feeling take me. I just hope i always have this good idea to update my blogs very often. Or if not maybe the marketplaces i joined will kick me out because of violating their guidelines.