Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheap T-Shirts

I already mentioned about our upcoming Philippine visit next few months and i'm so excited about it. Right now, i am still in the process of hunting for sales and bargains that i could take me during our visit. I have been shopping a lot lately and actually we been in Tennesse just for that. I am so hapy to say that i got bunch of clothes for my brother and sisters. I bought them several cheap t-shirts and pants and also accesories which is actually not found in the Phils. So, i was thinking it is unique. Anyway, aside from going on store shopping, i also shop online and most of my time, i browse different websites to see good deals. I also find RoadKill which is i think awesome site since i was looking for cheap printed t-shirts. The website have many great designs and i also find huge variety of colors and styles perfect for both men and women at any different sizes. I love their $10 Tees. I think it's their current special.