Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is coming up! Have you ever got any turkey for a dinner? Well, we still got nothing here. Actually i don't know if hubby is going to work on that day but anyway, a friend of mine is invited me to come over to their house on Friday. She is invited some of our friends too which is great since i never got to see them for a quite while now. We probably ended up on going up there and celebrate thanksgiving. I just hope we have a good weather that day so that we can easily get there--it's about an hour to drive.

Alright, I have a little situation now. Everytime we have upcoming get together, first thing that comes up in my mind is my outfit. I know, i feel too embarrased this time since i gained a lot of weight and many of my clothes were not fit on me. Actually, i packed many of them and ready to give to my sister. I strugling to lose weight and i can't even workout outside because its too cold. I need to take Lipovox. They said, they are an ultimate diet solution. Would that be okay for me?