Monday, December 22, 2008

Lose weight

It's been few weeks now that i was trying to loss weight. The other day, i went to my doctor's appointment and i was so happy to know how much i weight. After having a baby and gain 50 pounds, now i went back to my normal weight which is 117lbs.

Losing weight takes a little bit of time. You got to have patience and at the same time courage to reach your goal. Though it takes a little bit of time but you will get it sooner or even later. Anyway, my process of losing weight is a not quite difficult. I make sure i have at least 15 -20 mins exercise a day and make sure to not eat a heavy meal. I also avoid sweets and fatty foods, though i love fries but i tried to avoid them. Now, i'm still in the process of avoiding foods which can easily get fats. As long as i don't starve to death, i'm going to keep my weight normal as i could.