Monday, December 22, 2008

types of body figure

According to the article that i came accross with, short woman has 4 figure shape. So to identify which are you belong, please refer to the following below:

1. Hourglass- an hourglass shape woman has equal balanced of top and bottom. This means, her bust and hip measurements are about the same which is ideal figure type.

2. Triangle- is the most common body figure of woman who have proportionally smaller busts and or narrower shoulders and larger hips or thighs. They are way different from hourglass figure.

3. Inverted Triangle- this type of figure has proportionally smaller hips and or thighs and larger bust and/or wider shoulders when compared to a woman who has an hourglass figure. Also they are also common body figure but has a solution by using plastic surgery; bust enhancement.

4. Rectangular- a woman who have rectangle figure have equal bust and hip measurements. They basically don't have defined waistline.