Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day in Lexington

Few weeks ago we attended the funeral of my husband's step-grandfather (step-father of his mom) in Lexington. He died in the nursing home with the age of 96. Hubby and him are the best buddies back then. Hubby treat him as a real grandfather. I remember first time i got here, (3yrs ago) hubby take me to the nursing home where the old man is at. My husband introduced me to him. Though he was so old but i was amazed of how he was doing. He was able to speak clearly. He remembered everybody and started to talk about their memories. He seems a real good guy to me. Everybody in the family are proud of him. Although he missed by everybody but they're happy knowing that he is in a better place.

The funeral was ended at 3 o'clock. After that we drop by at my father-in-law's farm (hubby's dad) to see him for a little while since we were already there in Lexington. Hubby's dad has huge and nice farm. The other side of it was planted with a tabacco while the other side has a big fish pond. The farm is also got few horses. We played the horses for awhile while waiting for my in-law to come out from the field. Okay, i was interested to ride the horse because they are so nice--i guess they are well-trained. Hubby is trying to get on it too but Kyle didn't allow him because he has no gears for riding. He said he don't want his daddy get hurt or something. The next time we come down there, we make sure we have equestrian apparel that way we can ride whenever we want to.