Friday, June 26, 2009

Lose weight

Alright, it's been two days now that i don't have exercise. I was kind of worried about getting more pounds, not to mention i also keep eating so much in the past few days. Although, i tried to take a diet pills to make me eat less or somehow curve my appetite but i really can't help myself of not eating foods in the ref. Hubby also got many cakes lying in the counter and I figured we just waste them if i won't help hubby to eat them. Sound crazy huh? Anyway, i was really trying to lose weight. My goal is to reach the 110 or even just 115lbs. I feel great when i am on that weight. Right now i am 120, sometimes it went up to 122lbs. If there is any way that i can lose weight easy no matter I eat food then that would be great. Nonetheless, still exercise along with the best diet pills is the solution for this.