Friday, February 5, 2010

we need easy storage

Our house were living right now has only two bedrooms. Each bedroom has a little closet which is i find it very hard because we got tons of clothes that needs to be hang. Since we have 2 little bedrooms it is also difficult for me to put few of a drawers. Some of our drawers are in the storage room. I could have used them to put all my papers and stuff but husband said it will get on our way because they were in the bigger sizes. I would love to have mmf drawer where i can put all my important papers instead of putting them in the storage room and dig them every time i want. The MMF drawers are good for easy storage of debit/credit card receipts, checks or coins too. I think husband would love it since our little girl is always messing up his billfold and cash in the counter tables where he usually put his stuff up everytime he come home.