Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back from trip

We just got back few days away from our PI trip. It was fun and amazing at the same time. Being able to stay and be with your family even just for a short period of time is irreplaceable. Nothing i could have ask for more. 2 weeks trip isn't that much however, this was the most unforgettable PI trip we ever had. Wishing to make another one next year, (God's will).

And since we're home, i finally realized, this is it--back to normal errands. Got a lot of stuff to do; house cleaning, laundry and everything. I have to do this myself and can't rely on anybody unlike when you were at PI. lol

Still having a jet lag. The little girl and I are pretty much sick for almost all the time we got home. The cough and cold are killing us, can't hardly sleep at night. Hoping to get better soon.