Saturday, April 17, 2010

Medical career

A lot of my my friends are considering on going into medical assisting school. Specially nowadays that the economy is so bad, i can't blame them why they're pursuing medical careers because aside from a reason that medical fields are very demanding, these jobs also pays descent amount of salary. I do even plan on fulfilling the field but right now I'm skeptical on whether i should be studying in campus or online. I have child to take care of. Husband is working fulltime descent job and I don't want him to get his non-working time busy in the house taking care of our child which is supposed to be my responsibility. A babysitter is just a big no-no to me. nuff said! Maybe the right time will come. Our child will be 4yrs old next year and before long she'll be on school. I have to take things slowly as of this moment. I ain't no hurry though.