Friday, May 14, 2010

friend's bday invitation

Friend of mine called me in the phone the other day and invited me to come over to one of our friend's bday celebration on Sunday. I refused to go since i really don't know i was able to to since husband is working on that day. I hate to bother him like taking me to the house before he went to work because of the fact that we have to get up early and be there by 12. I am deciding on staying at home instead to save gas and husband's effort however, my other friend told me that she can pick us up. Don't know what to do yet. I've been dying to come over to see them because i haven't them seen them forever. I think it was about 5 months since our last get together which was christmas party. Oh well, i never thought i can handle that long though but one thing i know this time for sure is I wanted to eat some fil. foods.