Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iphone vs N95

I love to have iphone. But it seems like i will be wasted few hundred of dollars for it knowing that my nokia N95 is still in great shape. Husband was about to buy me one on my last birthday because we had an agreement if he bought me an iphone, i'm going to give my cellphone to him. Though my n95 isn't that great compared to an iphone but i love my nokia since it has sentimental value for me. I paid like almost 500 dollars for it last 2008 with my own money and I'm really proud with it. It was my first purchase for expensive stuff for myself with my own money so yeah, i better keep it.

We have at&t plan and last year, my father-in-law upgraded the account but somehow he left my phone not unpgraded since i was battling on whether to buy iphone or not. As of this moment, still am having doubt. Plus the stories and feedback of iphone kind of scare me. Almost people i knew that has iphone have problem with it. Some of them was already broke and are lucky because of iphone warranty. I probably decide to buy later this year or wait until the iphone4 is available. Have you guys heard anything about it and when?