Saturday, July 10, 2010

friday trails adventure

We went 4wheeler riding today for almost 7hours. Yep, so to speak we are wore out. I am so much tired that i can't even get my butt off from bed to start doing the laundry. Husband has to go work tomorrow and i don't know what is he going to wear, still haven't wash his uniforms yet. But anyway, I'm glad me and sissy went on that ride. Although she's making me sore from holding her the whole time but we have a good time. The most exciting about it is, we found a puppy dog in the trail and decided to took him home. I spend a lot of my effort holding him all the way but it was all worth it. I feel sorry for him to leave him behind lost in the middle of nowhere. He is really nice the reason why i took him home. Now he is at home and hope he is feeling okay. This is his new house now and we'll treat him like a real member. Since we found him in the A6 redbird trail, husband call him A6 but everybody loves the name "redbird" better which is the name of the trail we rode.