Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Up to size9

Husband is constantly telling me to do the lowe ab workouts. He is probably feed up when i get upset and frustrated if can't fit in most of my jeans. Sometimes he also teased me for almost being an obese but i know he is just challenge me to lose weight. I'm not close to being obese, in my opinion because stand about 5'4 and weigh 135lbs but being close to overweight is just something i hated about.

I love to dressed up and just few days ago, me and my friend went shopping. I grabbed all kinds of clothes with sizes of 5-7 to the fitting room and was shocked because i can't fit at any of those. I realize i gained a lot and the size 9 is what I'm needing. Its just so frustrating knowing that all the clothes in my closet right now are 5 and 7. I guess i have to upgrade into bigger sizes but i sure don't want to stay in this shape. I need help...