Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, new me?

New year, so to speak another addition year of my marriage life and so is my presence of being in the state. For the record, i'm going to be 5 years in above mentioned.

Nothing really much going on of being in this strange place, well except the skyrocketed situation and of course, having a fil-am daughter--so proud of it.

Hopefully the new year bring lots of blessings and happiness with not-too much drama. The frustrations are sure got to go.

The kind of being not mindful sometimes, less talk can cause to a less arguments, being lay low and go on with the flow are some qualities that i'm trying to perceive. I need to be selfish sometimes in a way of not sharing too much sensitive info to (even) closest friend/family or even trusting somebody dearly------i learned the hard way though. I sure have to keep it up.