Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shoe Shopping

One of the countless character that I always enjoyed the most for being a woman is the love for shopping, shoe to be exact. I have at least 28 pairs and i can honestly say that when i bought them, i wasn't particularly in need but i bought them just to satisfy myself. I may not be understood by many specially the husband but i'm satisfied the fact that i'm happy, and seeing them whenever i open my closet can put a big smile in my face.

Unlike clothes, shoe shopping never dispppoint me because shoes are constant and i can always wear the same shoe size no matter how much weight i gain. I may have find occasions that i can use some of the pieces i haven't wear in a long run but right now i am ready to purchase another type of shoe which is the overshoe. I love the fact that they are waterproof, easy to get on or off and they'r cheap too!. I can wear them anywhere when its raining without ruining my good shoes underneath. You can visit women's overshoes and see what i'm talking about.