Wednesday, November 30, 2011

christmas dilemma

It has been so long i was able to make post to my blog because obviously, i have been so busy with my new job and so on. Today its just so happen that i thought about posting something to vent my frustrations about so many stuff.

First and foremost, christmas is coming and yet, i still did not get a chance to get some presents for everybody because the money is running a little low.

Having a job is bittersweet. You have the money to wait at the end of the 2 weeks but you also have the set of priorities. Hayz, i am immensely wanting a stuff for christmas which the way it looked i won't be able to get it (again). I guess i have to wait a little longer. My sister also want a watch for christmas. The michael kors watch is what i'm thinking to buy since i love the brand from shoes, handbags and accesories. Oh well, my sister can probably wait and so do I.