Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blogging Matters

Whew! I'm done with 4 different paid post today and i'm happy with that. Even though i feel a little bit of tired but i did it anyway. Now, i don't think of it anymore.

I am happy today that my blog was approved at smorty. I never thought they are going to approved it because of too little traffic. well, i guess i have enough indexed pages thats why they approve it, i don't know for sure. My other previous post for smorty are already approve today so i was waiting for my first payment at smorty now. Hopefully soon.

Sponsoredreviews paid me again today. I have 200 plus in my paypal account now including payments from blogsvertise. Still, looking forward to have more opps to write.

For now i still have 50 words to do for sponsoredreviews. I will do it i guess tommorow that way i have entry for my other blog.

Just a personal update for money and blogging matters. See you all later!