Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Indexed Pages by Google

Hmmm! Seems like a good start new year for me. I was checking my blogs on how much pages indexed by google today and i was so happy that my main blog went up to 67 from 50 pages. Other blog is 31 from 16 pages, keep is 24 from 8 The rest of my newer blogs are already indexed by 2 or 3 pages already. Very interesting! I was so happy today. Yesterday i feel like i was down checking my indexed pages from google. I have post about this in my other blog that i'm totally upset why it went down. But today seems like google bot knows how i feel.lol I wish it won't go down again just like what had happened the other day.

Indexed pages by google is a big deal for me. If i'm not mistaken i think another basis of Google PR is the indexed pages of each blogs. (correct me if i'm wrong)

I am looking forward that my google PR also would change. Right now, i still have 0 page rank. I know it takes a quite a while to get it change. I just started blogging on couple of months ago so, i know that my blogs aren't capable for PR for sure. But hopefully soon specially my
cc blog which was i love the most.

If you guys want to check your pages indexed by google, visit this website: