Saturday, January 5, 2008

Driving With a Snow

We been down yesterday to the kids house and pick Kyle up since it was weekend. He always stays with us whenever its weekend.

The weather yesterday was fine. Its not really cold comparing to the other day. The sun was shining.

After we get there i never thought it was just a simple day. Instead, its a really bad day. I saw a bunch of snow at the top of the hill where we supposed to get Kyle up. I thought the snow was melting but its not. The sun was shining though but it never hit on the hills where they live at.

So, i said to my hubby that i am going to get out from the rave and wait him till he comes down but he didnt allow me cause its too cold for me and Alyssa.
He started to go up to the hill. Seems like it was easy for him to drive in a slick. But i am still nervous, i closed my eyes hug Alyssa and wishing that it would be over. Hubby finally get to the top. I was happy. We stayed their for couple of minutes and then come down. Again, i felt so nervous. This time he had a hard time going down. It was slick. The wheels are moving uncontrollable and make its noise whenever he step on the brake.

Gosh! i never felt nervous like that before. Although, i have been riding with the snow before but this time seems like it was terrible for me. I guess it was just my thought because my baby was with me. And i don't know if my experience on pregnancy cause me to feel like that. Does its got to do with or not?