Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Disadvatages of Computer

A brother of mine came online last night and ask me for a paragraph for their school project. Imagine he is asking me 450words and i was like whaaatt? I was shocked where should i get 450 words? He also told me i only had 1hour to do it since the project is going to expired next few hours. So, i hurriedly went browsing and looking for topic that i could write about which is also suited best for the students. My cousin had this little blog and decided to picked out the topic since his blog is related to students. So, below are some of his idea. I construct couple of words and paragraph too to make it little different but idea is from him. Thanks to Dun2x anyway so much. I am waiting my brother to get back online and ask him how was his presentation going.

Thanks to the internet, people nowadays find their life more comfortable. As long as there's internet cafe and internet connection, people mostly students are thankful when it comes to their school research. And yet, big companies are depending computers too to make their businesses going well. Basically, the the importance of computers brought us life convenient. However, as a human being, we just can't deny that using computers have disadvantages too. So today, i'm going to share some of my ideas about the effect of computer in the community and in our life as an individual.

Firstly, we all do know that computer makes our work faster but is there any effect to us? I would say Yes! Is it possible if we shoulder all the importance of these devices? The answer is only in our every mind. Being so dependent in these has also effect as I said. I say, it affects many. I get some views of people and other said it can spoil eye sight if look in the monitor too much. Aside from the reason that computers is too way expensive, i think its better to save our money for our future needs because not to mention the prices today especially foods are costs too much. I have also heared from the news that there are some people are using computers for senseless pornography. There is no wonder where crimes is rampant such as rape in some other areas. In most cases, people who are addicted to computer are spending all their time secluded in their rooms while surfing the net, roaming in the chat rooms or downloading illegal documents. The worst thing is, there are so many scheming people around the internet capturing others identity for living. Yes, these are all possible! There are some people dedicate their life to make those crimes. Again, no wonder where identity theft is a major crime to big country like America. Some internet professionals are using their internet skills and knowledge to access other peoples bank account and other personal information. So, there is no longer as safe as it used to be. Internet accessibility put knowledge at the finger tips of a user. But i say, it should be great if we allowed the old way of learning (ex: handwriting) and not to be forgotten. Yes, its been such a pleasant feeling to know that internet provides easy access to certain things that we didn't found but i think its great when computers is not a reason of students distractions in school because of computer games.

Generally, above views for me is just one of the major effect but mind you the safety. No matter how computer made us, i think the above problem i stated has its solution and that only depends on how we used and manage them. Why not use computers only if we needed, limit unofficial business and simplify only our needs?