Friday, June 20, 2008

Journey Album I bought!

It's been quite a while now we heard about the new vocalist of the Journey Band. To give you little insight, Arnel Pineda was plucked from a YouTube video where Neal Schon caught him fronting a Filipino cover band and since then, Journey's new life is the biggest story of year.

While doing our regular shopping today something that came up in my mind to check the cd's and dvd section and from there i saw "Journey Revelation" album. Yep! i didn't waste my time to think about it, instead i grab the copy and went check out. Upon headed back home, i played the music in the vehicle. I can't believe of what i am hearing as well as hubby. He actually think it was Steve Perry, the vocalist of the Journey Band before. I like the songs "DOn't Stop Believing", Faithfully" and "Open Arms". I am so proud of what my co-filipino achieved. He has awesome voice and he deserve to be in the place where he is right now. More power for him and for his success!

Ps: you guys should buy this too, its really worth it!!