Thursday, July 2, 2009

I don't think so

Yesterday, a friend of mine send me a message and invited me to make a fashion blog. The most flattering about it is she complimented me about how i dressed up. She said I'm good with outfits, oh well---that really sounds exciting!! I wish i can say at least i look good with my outfits because as far as i see myself in the mirror it only turns to depressing. Depressing in a way that I gained weight so much for the past few weeks and really, I am struggling to lose some. A person with flabby arms, chubby cheeks and bulging belly is not so appealing to me, in my opinion. Only if I hit the best fat burner then i would be rest assured. They said Phenphedrine is one of them. I will make a thorough research on this or try it and let ya'll know.