Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4 Pounds

We had such an amazing camping adventure last week but the sad thing that i always think about today is how I gained so much weight after that. In a week of camping i gained 4lbs. I thought i will lose weight since i am not stuck at home thinking about foods we had at the fridge. In a camp, we just grill hamburgers and hotdogs during nighttime. I mean, we just eat once a day and then go to the lake boating and swimming. I am supposed to be losing weight since it was so tiring from walking around and doing all that. I just can't explain how i gained that fast. Husband said, drinking soda all the time might be the reason, probably!!. Now that i am on this dilemma, i am thinking to find for the weight loss pills that work soon. I really can't live with 124lbs.