Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lose belly fat

Lately, i've been hooked reading blog updates regarding fashions. I found a fashion community site that basically designed for people to post their photos of what they been wearing everyday. To me it was fun and at the same time very helpful to people like me who also adore fashions. I actually made a new blog account for the sake of it. Anyway I plan on joining the community soon if i have enough knowledge.

I have also couple of things "to do" and "to-have" when it comes to that. First, I need to have descent camera for high quality photos. Second, i need to lose belly fat because it disgust people to see you posing with your best outfit with with belly fats hanging out. No, i don't want that. Right now fashion really motivates me to lose weight. It does give me more courage to do exercise often like everyday using fitness ball i bought last week. So far, so good...I have fun with it.