Thursday, August 6, 2009

our poor ol' vehicle

It's been a month now husband kept on saying about taking the vehicle to the shop. He noticed the vehicle is acting funny sometimes while we were on the road. But even though it's not all well, the car still managed to run smoothly. The other day, we thought it will quit on us on the way to the lake but we are fortunate enough to make it back and forth.

Now that husband is going back to work, he decided to just use it for few days. We had no other car to drive, the only way to get to work is to drive it. Tomorrow is his off. He plan on taking it to the garage and have them look at it. He also plan on replacing some lights and perhaps led taillights as well. He said the led taillights is different from a regular factory bulbs. They are more persistent, extremely unique as well as fashionable. In the lighter note, he really need this too since he is working night shift.