Sunday, October 4, 2009

Best luck for both of them

My cousin started talking and probably dating to my husband' friend. They have been talking for like 3 weeks now and hopefully it will turned out good for both of them. Yesterday i was having a problem with her because she wasn't been online which she said she will but i'm glad to know that they were talking over the phone.

At first my cousin is a bit self-conscious because she thought he won't like her because she gained so many weight. I told her that don't matter to him. He is such a nice guy and won't even care about physical appearance. The weight issue is bothering to her a lot that's why advised her to take weight loss pills so that somehow she can be proud and comfortable with her self. Hopefully, she took my advice. I think thats the only way to live happily and comfortable with herself without having the feeling of being so desperate regarding her weight. A best luck for both of them though!