Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Day Went

Yesterday was so exciting day for everyone of in the family. Went to the festival to see the parade where my step-daughter was in it. It was such fun festival. Everybody was able to play the carnival, eat foods and watch music band playing. Never thought the kiss band was there (lol). I was freaked out seeing them with their popular costume --it was like Holloween. Gosh, my daddy loves them so much. Anyway, later that day husband and I went shopping. Another highlight is i found a friend at the store who shopped for discount kitchen sink at the home supplies area. I was so happy that i seen her after that long. She is the one that invited me to come over for her birthday party last few months but i wasn't able to go because of some errands i have to do that day. She mentioned to me about having another party next week. We made sure i'll be there and sure will.