Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hungry campers

Never eat anything all day. No food in the kitchen that i find yummy as of this moment. Nothing to cook. I've been wanting to eat cabbage like 2days now but i fail since we don't have no time to go grocery shopping. Good thing tommorow is hubby's off, i can cook and eat as many cabbage as i want.

It is already midnight. I'm waiting hubby to get home with grilled chicken sandwich and some fries. The little girl is constantly yelling chicken "bak-bak-bak". She is craving for some chicken nuggets too. I wish this skipping meal habit is helping me to lose weight but unfortunately, it make worst. My diet pill is about gone, btw. Time for me to check http://www.godietpills.com for better and fast weight loss diet pill. I love switching, you know!