Tuesday, March 16, 2010

teenage acne and blackheads

If there is only part of my life that i wanted to go back, i want to choose the time when i was in high school. I was a little innocent back then that i don't even know how to take good care of my face. To be honest, i experience a lot of skin problems back then specially acne and blackheads. It was such embarrassing having blackheads on nose or acne all over the chin and forehead. I used to squeeze acne and scrape blackheads because i thought it automatically get rid of them. Now i got many noticeable scars in my face. I wish i know the right method and treatment of removing them. But it was all in the past and it cannot go back, so i have to deal with it. One thing i learned now, if i get to experience the blackheads or acne again, i'm pretty sure know how and what treatments good for them.