Saturday, December 25, 2010

Furniture shopping

I've been seeing lots of stores now that are slashing off their prices for up to 80% discount. It is amazing actually like, it drive me crazy to even think that i can't even go shopping on the big day sale. Husband has to work and me going down there with my buddies is not acceptable because of the bad weather. I might have to sneak in to buy few items online, browsing stuff like it don't have any difference.

Husband and I have constantly talking about getting a new furniture for our livingroom and i think this is the best time for us to purchase one. I've seen different websites carries great brand name furnitures at a very discounted prices. The log furniture are seems to be very affordable, which suits really well in our little backyard. The fact that the website i was browsing ( offered free shipping to continental 48 states is incredible! I may go ahead and pick out some pieces---