Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our family Christmas

So we just done our christmas dinner and opening the presents. Everybody seems happy of what they got and of course i am too with my bath robe and pretty sweet shirt from husband. The kids got their favorite games as well as the electronics. Alyssa got too many stuff out of the bunch. She got clothes from everybody, Dora's toys and jewelry which she's been wearing it up until now.

My father came over by the way and he got his favorite hoya de monterrey which makes him a very happy old man on the christmas day. Husband's brother got holiday pajama's and the neck massager that husband gave him.

Husband didn't get to open his present because he doesn't have anything yet. I mean, I ordered something for him monday and thought it gets here before the christmas because that's what the seller told me that he is going to send it out as soon as i pay it. I wasn't very happy at all after learning that my stuff isn't in the post office yet. But oh well, it will be here probably on Monday, better late than never.